Wordlist File (File 148)

The Wordlist file is used along with the Keyword file.  The Wordlist and Keyword files allow you to search your inventory items for records that contain a specific keyword (like monitor, or blue, or Pentium) in selected fields in each inventory item  The keyword search option can be used during Sales Order Entry or when performing inventory inquiry functions.  The keyword system is implemented by identifying the fields in each inventory record that you wish to be able to search.  Once the fields to be included in the keyword search have been identified, a program is run to build the keyword files.  This program creates a record in the Keyword file for each item number/keyword combination and a record in the Wordlist file for each keyword with the total number of items containing the keyword.  Once the Keyword and the Wordlist files are updated, the system allows an item to be located and selected using a keyword.





The Product Management System includes a Keyword Management program that allows you to maintain the information used to create and display keyword information, and to rebuild the keyword files when required.

The K

Keywords are loaded into the keyword by a “rebuild” process that processes all Catalog items in a batch.

Field Selection: To determine which fields are processed or searched by the keyword loader a control record is stored in the Textdata file.  This control record (KWD:FLDLIST) contains a list of the field numbers that should be processed (that should be included) by the Keyword Loader.  The format of the Textdata record is described in detail in the Textdata Application Note.

Delimited Filtering: Only data elements 2 characters or longer are processed.