Keyword Searching

Keyword searching may be done either using the manual search process or the “search engine”.  The manual search process is initiated using the program FV148M01 which is a browse through the wordlist file.  Once a keyword is found, pressing the expand key will invoke FV147M01 which is a browse on the keywords file and is scoped on the keyword selected.  The “search engine” allows the user to enter Boolean selection criteria when multiple keywords are entered.

When the search engine is invoked the operator is prompted to enter a search pattern with consists of one or more keywords separated by spaces or ampersands.  The spaces indicate an “or”, the ampersands represent an “and” condition where all the keywords connected by ampersands must be present to select an item. 

“Or” segments may contain a trailing wild card selection, i.e. 486/* or 486/??.  Other wild card selections are not supported.

When the search engine starts the string is broken into “and” and “or” segments.

In the case of any “or” segments the system builds up a list containing the record numbers of the items that contain any of the “or’ed” fields.   This is done by jumping into the keywords index.

Once the “or” segments are processed the system then processes the “and” segments.  Each “and” segment is analyzed to determine the best search sequnce, the wordlist file is checked and records passing are added to the list.

The operator sees the list grow as records are added to the list and may stop the search engine at any time by pressing the ESC key.

Examples of search engine entries:

ISDN&V.34              All items with keywords ISDN and V.34

ISDN V.34               All items with keywords ISDN or V.34 (note: there is a space between the N and the V.

ISDN&V.34 V.32       All item with keywords ISDN and V.34 or V.32 as keywords (note: there is a space between the 4 and the V).

Once the list is built the operator may expand each time to view item detail and/or select and item to add to an order/quote.  


Extended Keyword Information by Item