Workspace Selection Object

When you select the Stream V Application using the appropriate windows shortcut, the system checks to see how many “workspaces” have been set up for the application.

A workspace is basically a set of data files, and other control information.  The workspace information tells the application which directories and database files should be used by the application when it is activated.  Multiple workspaces can be set up in Stream V in order to allow access to multiple copies of the system (such as a test or demo system and a live or production system).  Each Workspace can be given a user friendly name such as Production,  Demo, Test, to allow you to easily identify them.   Workspaces are generally set up when the Stream V Application is installed and they are maintained by your Systems Administrator or Cove Systems Personnel.

In most situations, you will have only one workspace defined for the application.  If this is the case, the system will automatically load the defined workspace and it will not ask you to select one at startup.

If  more than one workspace has been defined for the application, the system will present a list of the defined workspaces at startup and you must select the workspace  that you wish to work with.  This is done by highlighting the appropriate workspace in the Workspace Selection Object and by pressing the Enter key or the Select Button.


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