Operator Login

Once the Stream V Application has been activated, and the workspace has been selected, the system will display the Operator Login Panel. 

The Operator Login Panel is used to log each StreamV user into the system.  You may not access any of the programs in the StreamV application without first entering your initials (up to 3 characters) and password (up to  8 characters) into this panel and pressing the Enter Key or the Login Button. 

Once you have pressed the Login Button, the Login Panel will validate your password and then display the default information that will be used by the system for your current session.   This default information includes the Default Division, Department, Accounting Year, Accounting Period and Warehouse location.  Some of the information displayed in the panel is based on your operator record in the operator table (division, department, warehouse location), and other information defaults based on System Parameters (accounting year and period).

Your ability to change the default information displayed in the Login Panel is based on the security settings in your operator record.  If you have been granted rights to change the information, you will be able to access the appropriate fields.  If you may not change the information, you will not be able to access the field. 

Once you have pressed the Login Button and have made any changes to the default information in the panel,  you may press the Continue Button (or press Enter) to continue to access the Stream V Applications or you may use the Change Password Button to update your password. 

Once you have completed logging into the system, you may access the Main Menu in the StreamV Application and select the Module or specific application that you wish to work with.

Please note that your ability to access specific menu items (on the main menu and any other submenus in the system), can be restricted using menu and other security options.


Main Workspace