Write Shipment Info to Clipboard

The Write Shipment Info to Clipboard Option is available from the More Menu Button in the AR Invoice Lookup program.

The Write Shipment Info to Clipboard option will write out the shipping information, line items, and serial information for the selected invoice to the windows clipboard so that it can be imported into an email or an instant messenger style program and sent to a customer.

The below is an example of the information that is written to the Clipboard when the Write Shipment Info to Clipboard option is selected for an invoice. 

===[Shipment Info]=========================

 Invoice:10021   05/02/2008

Customer:Gatesway Computer Systems    

Cust PO#:                             

 ShipVia:UPSGRD       FOB SHP PT

  ShipTo:Gatesway Computer Systems    

         9500 Technology Drive        

         Seattle                        WA 54955    



HD10000          Hard Drive - 200 Gigabyte IDE                 6

  Serial#: 40701              

  Serial#: 40702              

  Serial#: 40703              

  Serial#: 40704              

  Serial#: 40705              

  Serial#: 40706              

HD25005          Hard Drive 200 GB EIDE 10MS                   6

  Serial#: 25005006           

  Serial#: 25005007           

  Serial#: 25005008           

  Serial#: 25005009           

  Serial#: 25005010           

  Serial#: 25005011           

--[Tracking Numbers]-------------------







==[End of Shipment Info]=========================


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