Accounts Payable Check Printing

The Accounts Payable Check Printing program is used to print the AP Checks that are created using the Create Checks or Wire Transfers Program. 

The Check Printing program is a report that outputs on pre-printed check forms. 

The program prints the vendor name, check amount and other check information on the check form and it also prints the payment detail or remittance information for each check.  The Check information and first page of payment detail information is output to one paper source on the check printer, and if any additional space is needed in order to print additional payment detail information, this additional information is sent to a different paper source on the printer that is loaded with plain paper (this method prevents having to void check forms in order to handle larger payments with lots of invoice detail that will not fit on the check form itself).

The Accounts Payable Check Printing program will only print type C (check) Bank records that are in the specified division, and which have the Printed Flag set to N.  As each check is printed by the program, the printed flag in the appropriate Bank record is set to Y to indicate that the check has been printed.

If you need to re-print a specific check or checks, (due to printing to the wrong printer or form, or for other reasons), you may reset the printed flag in the Bank record, then rerun this program to print the check again.

For more information about running the program or the individual components in the program, please follow the below links

Accounts Payable Payment Processing

Program Components

Division Window

Displays the division for which checks will be produced.  The program will allow you to process checks for only one division at a time.  The division defaults based on the operator running the program.

Bank Account Selection

The Autopost window and prompt are used to select the bank account that checks should be printed for.  The Bank Account is a required selection.  When the prompt button is pressed, the system will activate the Account Description Lookup, which will display all of the valid cash accounts that have been created on your system.  You may select from these cash accounts by highlighting the appropriate account and pressing the Select Button.  This will return the autopost number for the selected account to the program and the account description will be displayed.

The cash account that is displayed in the program is the account the checks were issued from and this account should match the account information on the check forms being used.

Vendor Selection

The Vendor selection can be used to print a check or checks for a single vendor company.  If you wish to print only the checks for a single vendor, you should enter a check into the checkbox next to the select Vendor Label.  At this point, the system will activate the Account prompt, which can be used to select a Vendor Company from the valid vendors that have been set up in your system.

Check Number Selection

Only Checks with Check Number Between: If a reference number or check number range is specified in the Check Printing program, only the specified check numbers which also meet the other selection criteria in the program will be processed.  The program will display an error message if the range is invalid (ie beginning number is higher than ending number).

Print Checks Button

 Used to print the selected checks.  When the run button is pressed, the system outputs the selected checks to the AP Check Printer defined on your system.  Normally the print routine requires you to load check forms in the manual feed tray of the printer, and plain paper in the other trays.  Normally, the program will print the check and as much payment detail information as will fit on the check form.  Any additional remittance information that will not fit on the standard check form will be output on a plain piece of paper.

Create output file for check printing machine

The Create output file for check printing machine option is used to create a file that can be used to print check records from a third party check printing system.  The option creates an ascii file that lists the check records that have been issued, so that the

Design Button

The Design Button activates the List and Kabel

Close Button

Note: The AP Check Printing program requires some printer and report configuration work when it is first installed (the proper printers and trays need to be defined using system parameters, and the print routine needs to output directly to the printer instead of displaying like most other reports.  You should make sure the program has been configured before you attempt to print any checks. The check printer configuration is site specific and should be set up by Cove Systems Personnel when the VDF application is installed.  Please use the following link for more details.

Accounts Payable Check Configuration


AP Edi Management