Associating the Questions with the Customer

The customer master field - QUESTION_SETS - contains the question sets assigned to this customer. The linking of the question sets to the customer may be done two ways.

Manual Maintenance: Maintaining this field manually is done by accessing the Statistics Panel from the Customer Master. the QUESTION_SETS field contains the one character question set identifiers and may be directly edited or built up from the question set list by pressing the EXPAND key while in the field. This will display a list of the questions, allowing the operator to tag those question sets that should be set for this customer.

Automated Maintenance: To automatically maintain the QUESTIONS_SET field the system uses the system control file (F248) to determine what question sets should be setup for each customer type. See the technical notes at the end of this document for the structure of the system parameters.

Answer Set Creation Parameters are loaded with the question sets that should be set up for each customer type. The format of the parameter is: SPSDEF-x.  The character x is the customer type that the parameter record is tied to. In the parameter INFO field the question set ids are defined.

Each time a new customer is created, when a customer is edited or when a batch program is run; the system checks the appropriate parameter for the customer type and updates the answer file. Answers that are no longer valid are marked as Inactive and any new questions that have been added are created in the customers answer set.  It is also at this point that answers are check to determine if they have expired.


Accessing the Profile