Checking the status of, or viewing an IFT Purchase Order. 

The Purchase Order Lookup program allows you to display detailed information about each purchase order in the system including IFT purchase orders.  The program can be used to view both header and line item information for individual purchase orders.  PO header information is information which applies to the entire purchase order such as the shipping address, shipping method, etc.  PO line item information is information specific to each item on the purchase order such as quantity ordered and received, the promised date for the item, etc.   Note:  You should not use the Purchase Order Entry program to view IFT purchase order information or status because a sales order is created for an IFT PO each time it is saved.  Saving the PO more than once can result in duplicate shipments out of the source location (please see the section on editing IFT PO's for more information).  To view information about an IFT PO you should perform the following procedures.

Select the Purchase Order Lookup program from the menu.

Find and select the IFT vendor used on the Purchase Order.  You may select a vendor in the PO Lookup program by keying in the vendor name or a portion of it and using the FIND keys or you may press the USER2 key to enter the purchase order number you are trying to view.  When the USER2 key is pressed the system prompts you to input a PO number.  Once you have entered a valid PO number and have pressed the ENTER key, the system loads the vendor from the purchase order into the top section of the program.  Once the correct vendor is displayed in the top section of the program, you may display all of the purchase orders for the selected vendor by pressing the ENTER key.  You may also display only the open purchase orders for the vendor by pressing the USER key.

Select and view the purchase order.  Once you have selected the appropriate vendor in the PO Lookup program and have pressed the ENTER or the USER key, the system will display the selected purchase orders in the bottom section of the program.  A light bar will be positioned on the first purchase order listed on the screen.  At this point you should select the PO you wish to view by positioning the light bar over the record.  Once you have highlighted the appropriate record, you may view the purchase order as follows. 

Viewing PO line item information.  Once you have highlighted the appropriate purchase order you may view the line items from the PO by pressing the ENTER key.  Additional detail for each line item can be displayed by highlighting the appropriate item and pressing the ENTER key again to display the Line Item Detail window.  The line item detail which can be viewed in the PO Lookup program  includes the ordered and open quantity of each line item, the required and promised dates for each line item and the sales order number  associated with the PO (this is the sales order that was created when the IFT PO was saved).  Note:  If the IFT PO being viewed has been edited after it was saved the first time, the sales order number displayed will be the last sales order created from the PO (please see the section on PO editing for more information).

Viewing PO header information.  Once you have highlighted the appropriate purchase order you may view the header information for the purchase order by pressing the EXPAND key to display the PO Header Detail window.  The PO header information displayed in this window includes the default location that the PO was placed from, the Ship To address for the PO, the PO status and type, the PO currency, shipping method, payment terms, and shipment terms.  The PO order date, required date, and cancel date are also displayed in the panel.

Viewing or editing IFT purchase order comments.  You may view and edit header or line item comments that have been entered for the selected purchase order in the Purchase Order Lookup program.  To view either the header or the line item comments, select (highlight) the appropriate purchase order in the PO Lookup program and press the ENTER key to display the line items for the PO.  Once the line items are displayed you may view or edit any header comments for the PO by pressing the ALT + H keys.   To view or edit a line item comment, highlight the appropriate line item and press the ALT + L keys.  Once the comment is displayed you may view the comment and save any changes by keying in the appropriate information and pressing the SAVE key.


Checking the status of or viewing an IFT Sales Order.