Receiving the IFT PO at the destination location. 

Once the goods being transferred arrive at the destination location, you should receive the items into inventory using the Purchase Order Receipt program.  To receive an IFT PO in the destination location, select the PO Receipt program from the menu, input the PO number to be received and press the ENTER key to select the PO.  The system then loads the appropriate PO into the program and you may press the USER key to display the line items on the PO (if the line items are not displayed when the USER key is pressed, then it is likely that the IFT Sales Order has not yet been invoiced at the source location).  Once the PO line items are displayed, you should input the appropriate quantities into the ToRec (Receive) Quantity field for each item and save the PO receipt by pressing the SAVE key.  As the PO is saved, the system updates the on hand quantities in the destination location, closes out the appropriate lines on the IFT PO and clears the Pending records for the items and quantities which are received.  The program will also prompt you to enter the serial numbers of the items being received if the items are serialized items and set up to be serialized at receipt in the destination location.  


Checking the status of, or viewing an IFT Purchase Order.