Comment Button – View/Edit Bill of Material Header Comment

When the Comment Button is pressed in the Bill of Materials Header Detail Panel, the system checks to see if a Bill of Materials Header comment has been created for the current record. 

If a comment does not already exist for the selected Bill of Materials Header record, the system displays a prompt notifying you that No Comment exists for the selected BOM.  At this point , you may press the “OK , Create One” Button to create a new comment record for the Bill of Materials Header or you may press the Cancel Button to return to the Bill of Materials Header Detail Panel without creating a new comment.  If you select the OK, Create One option, the system creates the new comment record and it loads the new record into the Comment Detail panel.  At this point, you may add the appropriate text information and save the changes using the Save key or Button.

If a comment has been already been created for the selected BOM Header, the system activates the Comment Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the comment information for the selected BOM Header.  Once the Comment Detail Panel is displayed, you may view or edit the displayed comment text as required and save any changes using the Save Button or key.

Please Note:  Your ability to edit specific comment types can be restricted using System Security options.  If you are unable to access a specific comment type, you should note the comment type (the comment source and number are displayed in the lower section of the Comment Detail Panel) and contact your system administrator to determine why you do not have access to it.


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