Create Incident

The Create Incident option allows you to enter a new Incident record for the selected invoice.  Incident records can be used to track open items (such as repair, or returns related issues) for a customer, contact, or another database record such as an invoice or invoice line item.  Incidents can be used along with the Return Authorization system, and an RA does not need to exist for an Incident to be created or processed.

When the Create Incident option is selected in the AR Invoice Lookup program, the system activates the Invoice Lines Lookup program and it loads the lookup with the line item detail for the selected invoice.  

 The Invoice Lines Lookup program can be used to select the specific invoice line item that the Incident is being created for.  Once the line items for the invoice are displayed, you may pick the appropriate invoice line item or hit escape to skip selecting a specific line.

Once you have selected the invoice line item for the Incident or have pressed escape, the system will activate the Incident Detail panel.  The Incident detail panel will automatically be loaded with the Company from the selected invoice, the invoice number that the Incident is being created for and the item number the incident is being created for (if an invoice line item was selected).

At this point, you must enter the other required information for the Incident.  This required information includes.

      Contact: The Contact or individual at the selected company that is associated with the Incident (normally the person who contacts you about an issue with the invoice).

      Subject:  A basic description for the Incident (what is the problem or issue to be handled).

      Incident Type:  The Incident Type is used to classify the incident.  Incident types are assigned using a Gencode table that can be customized based on your companys needs.

      Assigned to:  The operator that the incident is assigned to.

Once you have entered the other required information for the Incident, you may add comments and images to the record and Save it.  Once the Incident has been saved, you can also create Actions records or to do items for the Incident.  Incident processing is discussed in more detail in the documentation for the CRM System.


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