Delete Requisitions

The Delete Requisitions option which is located on the More Menu, allows you to delete the Requisitions that are not tied to a specific sales order (i.e. that are not automatically created and updated by the Sales Order Entry program).

Requisitions are normally deleted so that they can be refreshed with the most current information in the system.  For example, if you create requisitions on Monday (based on the orders in the system and the inventory quantities and re-order points at that time), and you did not convert the requisitions to purchase orders on Monday or Tuesday, you may want to delete the requisitions and run the Purchasing Recommendations report on Wednesday, so that the requisitions that you process are based on current information.

When you select the Delete Requisitions option the system checks the Buyer that is selected in the Buyer Window located in the lower left corner of the program.  The Requisition Management program then prompts you to confirm or cancel the deletion. 

Please Note:  The Requisition Management program will only delete the requisitions for the Buyer code that is displayed when the Delete Requisitions option is selected (this allows multiple buyers to work independently when required).

If you wish to delete all Requisitions for all Buyers, you should make sure the All Buyers option is selected in the window before deleting the requisitions.


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