Editing a Quote

Quotes that are open (have at least some open line items), can be modified after order entry.    You may add line items, change the quantity in existing order lines, and even delete, cancel or void the entire quote or specific lines.

To edit an existing quote, you first find the quote in using the Sales Order Management program or the  Customer Quote Lookup program.  Quotes are not displayed in the Customer Order Lookup program.  The lookup programs allow you to locate a quote based on several different search criteria, including the order number, the customer, the shipto company, or the po or reference number associated with the quote.

Once you have located the quote to be modified, the Edit Order option can be used to load the order into the Sales Order Entry program for editing.

The following situations will cause the system to block you from modifying a quote

      The Quote is closed.

      The Quote is being edited by someone else.  Only one operator may edit a specific order at the same time.


Converting a Quote to a Sales Order