Extended Keyword Information by Item

In some situations, you may need to support keywords for a specific Catalog record that are not stored in the Catalog record itself (in the fields that are specified in the control file used to rebuild the Keyword information).

An example of this situation might be a repair item that can be used for a lot of different purposes.  For instance, if you were selling a car part like a brake rotor that was the correct application for several models (67 Camaro, 67 Firebird, 67 Lemans, 68 Camaro, 68 Firebird, and 68 Lemans), you might not be able to fit all of the applicable keywords for the item into the Catalog record.  The product line and group might be brake and rotor, and the description might not specify the different models that the part can be used for. 

To handle this type of situation, StreamV allows you to create a special type of comment record (an Extended Keyword Information Comment) for each item.  If this comment is present, the system will add any keywords specified in the comment when rebuilding the keyword information in the system.  This option would allow you to add keywords for 67 Firebird, 67 Camaro, 68 Lemans, to the brake rotor item.

The Extended Keyword Information Comment uses a reserved comment number.  This comment number is specified in the same KWD:FIELDLIST control record in the Textdata file that is used to determine the Catalog fields that are used when rebuilding keyword information.  If a line is added to the control record with a number above 1000, the system searches for a comment for each Catalog record with SOURCE IN and the specified number, and if found, the system adds the information from the comment to the keyword information in the system.

The logic for item specific comments (including user and reserved comment numbers) is described in the next section of this document.


Item Specific Comments