Invoice Vendor Shipment Button

The Invoice Vendor Shipment Button is used to load the selected purchase order items and quantities into the Order Invoicing program so that an invoice can be generated for the customer.

You should only press the Invoice Vendor Shipment Button after you have verified the prices, items and quantities for the selected vendor shipment purchase order lines, and have entered the serial numbers for any of the serialized inventory items being invoiced to the customer.

Once you have activated the Order Invoicing program, you may use the options in that program to add a nonstock item to the invoice (typically used for special handling charges), or any freight amount being charged to the customer.

Once the items, quantities and other information in the Order Invoicing program have been confirmed, you may save the Invoice using the Save option in the Order Invoicing program.

If the items or quantities shown in the Order Invoicing program are incorrect you may escape from that program prior to saving the invoice.  This action will return you to the Purchase Order Management program. 

Please note that the system will not create an invoice for the vendor shipment being processed (or close out the related purchase order and sales order records), until you have saved the vendor shipment in the Order Invoicing program.  The Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment program only prepares the sales order and purchase order information for the Invoicing process; it does not create the invoice or update the order information associated with it.

The Order Invoicing program is part of the Order Fulfillment (OF) system and the program is completely described in the documentation for that system.  You may obtain more information about the program by activating it and using the Help key to display the main help documentation for the program.


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