Zero Quantity Button

The Zero Quantity Button can be used to zero out the To Receive quantity (the quantity being received against the purchase order and being billed to the customer) for the selected Vendor Ship Purchase Order Line. 

When the Zero Quantity Button is pressed, the system moves a 0 into the To Receive quantity for the selected line item.  The system also checks to see if any serial numbers have been entered for the line item.  If so, the system also activates the Serial Number List to display the serial numbers that have been entered for the line.

If you are zeroing out the quantity for a line item that has serial detail already entered for it, you should also delete the serial numbers for the line from the Serial List program when the program is displayed.

If you exit the Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment program, the system will automatically Zero the To Receive Quantity for the open purchase order lines and it will also delete any serial numbers that have been entered for the lines.


Invoice Vendor Shipment Button