Item Info Tab Page

The Item Info Tab Page is used to enter or display the pricing and quantity information for the purchase order line item.  The fields that are displayed in the panel are briefly described in the following sections.

Contract:  The contract number being used for the purchase order/item combination.  Please note that the Contract Number is used by the system when determining the default price for the selected vendor/item combination.  You should not specify a contract number for the PO line unless a Special Cost record has been set up for the vendor and item combination being processed.  If you specify an invalid contract number in the field, the PO Entry program may not be able to determine a valid price for the item.

Ordered:  The quantity of the selected item that is being ordered.

Price:  The price each for the selected item.  The Price will normally default based on the vendor and item being processed, and based on any special cost or other special pricing records that have been set up for the selected vendor and item.  You can also manually specify the price for the item as required.

Tax Rate: This field has been reserved for future use.

Received:  The quantity that has been received against the selected purchase order line.

UOM: Unit of Measure.  The unit of measure for the selected item.

Inventory Item Info: The Inventory Item Info section of the Item Info Tab Page displays the current inventory quantities for the selected item in the current inventory location.  The On Hand, Ordered, and Reserved quantities for the item in the displayed inventory location are shown in this section of the program.  Additional information about the item can also be displayed using the Zoom Button that is located to the right of the quantity fields.  The Zoom Button causes the system to activate the Inventory Detail panel and load the panel with the information for the selected inventory item.

Charge To Dpt/Acct/Sub:  If the PO line being entered is for a non-stocking item, the department, account and sub account of the general ledger account to be used for the purchase should be specified in this section.


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