Main Section

The information that is displayed in the main section of the PO Line Edit Detail program includes the purchase order number and line number assigned to the selected line, the Type and Status of the PO Line, and the vendor associated with the purchase order.  The Item Number, Manufacturers Item Number, and description for the PO line item are also displayed. 

If you are entering a new PO Line, you may use the prompt button that is located next to the Item field to activate the Catalog Lookup program which allows you to locate and select the item to be used for the PO line.  You may also enter all or a portion of the item number into the item field and use the Previous and Next record keys (PG UP and PG DN) to scroll through the inventory item numbers in the system and select the appropriate item.

Prompt Button: 

The Prompt Button in the Main section of the PO Line Edit Detail panel allows you to access the Catalog information for the selected item number.  When the prompt button is pressed, the system activates the Catalog Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the Catalog record for the item.


Item Info Tab Page