Main Section

The Main section of the Buying Group Manager Program displays the name of the Buying Group that is currently selected (or being created), and some other basic information about the Buying Group.  This information includes the status of the Buying Group (the Status field is not currently used by the system and it defaults to status A on new records), and the Buying Group Type (the Type field is also not currently used by the system.).  The Main Section of the Buying Group Manager also displays 4 text fields that can be used to enter information about how the buying group is used.

The Prompt Button that is located on the right side of the Name window can be used to display the Buying Group Selection list which can be used to display and select from the valid buying groups that have already been created in your system.

The New Button located on the right side of the Main section of the program allows you to create a new buying group record in the Buying Group Master file.  When the New Button is pressed, the system prompts you for the name of the new buying group to be created.  Once you have entered the name for the new Buying Group, the system loads the new name into the Name window in the program and it saves the new Buying Group record.  Once the new Buying Group is displayed in the Name window you may edit the Buying Group record (add text notes or set the status or type) and save the changes using the Save option, or you may add members to the buying group by positioning the cursor in the lower section of the program and using the Insert option.


Buying Group Members Section