Buying Group Manager

The Buying Group Manager program is used to create and maintain Customer Buying Group information.   The Buying Group Manager program can be selected from the Product Management Maintenance and Utilities Menu, or from operators MyCove or MyGroup menu (if the program has been added to those menus by the system administrator).

Customer Buying Groups are used to group together customers for special pricing and other purposes and they reduce maintenance by allowing the members of the group to share information such as special pricing records and or cross reference item records.  Buying Group Information is stored in two different files in the system.  The Buying Group Master or BGMASTER file (File 140) stores the names of the Buying Groups that customers can be assigned to.  The Buying Group Member or BGMEMBER file (File 141) is used to associate the members (customers) of a buying group to the appropriate Buying Group Master (BGMASTER) record.

The Buying Group Manager Program allows you to:

      Create new Customer Buying Groups

      Maintain (edit) or delete existing Customer Buying Groups.

      Display the current members of existing Buying Groups

      Add customers to existing Buying Groups

      Delete customers from existing Buying Groups.

The following sections describe the components of the Buying Group Manager program and how to use the program to maintain buying group information.


Main Section

Buying Group Members Section

Creating a New Buying Group Record

Editing an Existing Buying Group Record

Displaying the Members of a Buying Group

Adding Customers to a Buying Group

Deleting Customers from a Buying Group