Menu Security

The Menu Security Option allows you to turn off specific sensitive menus (such as Bank Management, or the General Ledger) at the Main Menu Level.  With this option, some parts of the standard menu system are available and others are not.

Menu Security is Enabled using the Security Tab in the System Properties program (under System Administration/System Info).  The Set Module Security Button allows you to specify one of the Main Menu Items (numbered from 1 to 12 in same sequence they are displayed).  The option then displays the Sysop Panel Functions program which allows you to Set Operator Access for Current Panel.

When that option is selected, the Panel Security Management  program is displayed, and the administrator can use the program to specify the users or groups that are allowed to use the menu.  The Add User Button allows you to add a specific operator, the Add Group Button allows you to add a specific Group and the Secure by Operator Level allows you to specify the minimum option level required to use the menu..

If the operator level is set, then access is restricted to operators with levels equal to or higher than that specified, or operators who are specifically authorized.

As soon as one record is added to the Panel Security Management List, only the specific user or group, or operators with the specified option level or higher (and sysops) are allowed to access the Menu.


Program Security, Program Access Security