System Wide Menu Security

The default setting for the Main Menu system in StreamV is to allow access to all menus and programs that are not restricted to system administrators (level 9 operators).  Some maintenance, administration, and utility programs are restricted to only system administrators by default.

Turning off the Main Menu

In some cases, you may want to turn the menu system off completely to allow you to restrict users or groups of users to only the programs that you make available for them on their MyCove or MyGroup Menus.

This is accomplished by setting a system Policy called MENUOFFU.  The policy can be set to Y or N and copies of this policy can be set on a user or group level.

If the policy is set to N for a specific user or group of users, the main menu system is grayed out completely, and the users or groups may only access the programs that are made available to them by the system administrator.  Programs are made available to the user or group, by adding the required programs to the MyCove or MyGroup Menus for the users or groups. 

System Administrators can add items to a MyCove or MyGroup menu by selecting the item (program) and then selecting the Add current View to MyCove option from the MyCove Menu.  When this option is selected, the system will prompt for the user initials (MyCove) or the group code (MyGroup) that the item will be added for.


Menu Security