Program Security, Program Access Security

Program Security  (sometimes also referred to as Program Access Security) allows you to restrict the users or groups of users who can access specific programs such as Journal Entry, AP Check Create, AR Invoice Adjustment, etc.  This option is useful when operators need limited access to the menu systems for certain areas such as Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Bank Management, or Warehouse Management.  The menus can be made available and specific sensitive programs can be blocked.

Program Security can be implemented by the Sysop by accessing the program to be secured, and by using the Alt + F12 to access the Sysop Panel Functions Program from the program to be restricted

Once the Sysop Panel Functions program is displayed, the Set Operator Access for Current Panel Button can be used to specify the the users or groups that are allowed to access the program.  The Add User Button allows you to add a specific operator, the Add Group Button allows you to add a specific Group and the Secure by Operator Level allows you to specify the minimum option level required to use the menu..

If the operator level is set, then access is restricted to operators with levels equal to or higher than that specified, or operators who are specifically authorized.

As soon as one record is added to the Panel Security Management List, only the specific user or group, or operators with the specified option level or higher (and sysops) are allowed to access the program.


Panel Security