Minimum Shipping Charge

StreamV allows you to specify a minimum shipping charge that will be used by the order completion program.  This minimum shipping charge is applied when

      The via terms for the order indicate that shipping is charged to the customer (the Viaterms charge shipping flag is set to Y).

      The order type being processed is a Type S order.  Shipping charges including minimum shipping charges cannot be added to shipper or loaner type orders (Type L orders).

      The order being processed does not have a fixed shipping amount entered into the shipping field in the order header.  The minimum shipping charge is only used when actual charges are manually or automatically loaded into the invoicing program during order completion (or when the operator fails to enter a shipping amount in the order completion program).

If the order being completed has via terms indicating that the customer pays freight and if a fixed shipping charge has not been entered into the order being processed, the system will check the actual shipping charges entered by the operator or returned by the automated and integrated shipping software.  If the Minimum shipping charge specified in the system parameter F248:OCMINSHP is greater than the actual shipping charge, the system will load the minimum shipping charge into the order completion shipping field and the operator may modify the field as required.

Please Note:  The Minimum shipping charge if specified, will be used for all shipments that are made against each qualifying order.  If a $20 minimum shipping charge is defined, and an order is shipped out multiple times, the minimum shipping logic is applied to all shipments for the order.