Module or Functional Menu Options

The Start Menu option in the Menu Bar of the Main Workspace can be used to select the module or functional area in the system that you wish to work with.  This Menu is sometimes also referred to as the Main Menu System.

When you access the application and have logged in, the Main Workspace is displayed with a Menu Bar in the top section of the workspace.   The Startup view is also normally displayed in the middle of the workspace.

The left Pull down menu option in the Menu Bar is labeled Start.  As you select the Start option, a list of the modules or functional areas in the application is displayed.  These options include accounting modules such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger, as well as other modules such as Customer Resource Management, Product Management, Warehouse Management, and Purchasing.

As you select a system, such as the General Ledger, the Start label is updated to show the current system that you are working with (ie General Ledger), and additional submenus which are specific to the module are displayed immediately to the right of the system name.  The additional menus can vary by application but they normally include items such as

      Operations Includes programs that are used during daily or normal processing

      Lookups  - Inquiry or Lookup programs which can be used to view master data or transaction history (some of these programs also allow the operator to edit or process transactions).

      Reports Standard reports that are associated with the current system or area of operations.

      Maintenance/Utilities - Maintenance and Utility programs.  Programs used for starting up a specific system are also included under this menu option.

The Menu and submenu options are grouped for organizational purposes and each of the menu options can be restricted using system security options.   Normally the system will gray out menu options when they are not available to you.

Menus can also be customized as required and programs from multiple different modules can be grouped together on a single sub-menu.  This flexibility allows a single menu such as a Purchasing menu to include programs such as Vendor Management, Purchase Order Entry, CRM/Sales Order Entry, and Product Management.   This configuration allows a single user to perform multiple different tasks that are related to their main function without having to continually navigate to various modules. 

Once you have selected a specific program from a menu and have opened it, you may also open a different menu to select another program.  The Module Menu or other Sub-Menu you are in only restricts the programs that can be selected, it does not restrict the programs that can be opened at the same time in the Main Workspace.

Note:  Your ability to access each program using the System Specific Menu options can be restricted on a program by program or on a global basis using Panel security and system parameter options.   Please contact your system administrator or Cove Systems if you are unable to resolve program access issues.