Pull Down Menus

When you access the StreamV Application and have completed logging in, you will be presented with the Main Workspace.  The Main Workspace will normally display the Startup View.  The rest of the workspace will be blank, except for several different Pull down Menu options that are displayed in the Menu Bar in the Program Header.

Pull Down Menu options are used to select the functional areas and programs that you wish to work with in StreamV.  Pull Down Menu options can be selected using the Mouse or by using the F10 or Menu key to shift the focus of the program to the Menu Bar.  Once the focus is in the Menu Bar, you may use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the menu options.

The StreamV Pull Down Menu options can be divided into the following categories.

      Module or Functional Menu Options.  These System defined menus are organized by function (i.e. Accounts Payable, Product Management,  and Order Fulfillment), and often contain programs from multiple different areas in the system.  For example, the Order Fulfillment Lookup menu contains the Sales Order Management program which is part of the Order Processing System, and Inventory Management which is part of the Warehouse Management system (both programs are useful for order completion).   The Main or Functional Menus can be disabled to handle situations where you wish to restrict operators to a small number of specific programs.

      User and Group Specific Menu Options.  The User and Group options allow menus to be customized for specific operators or groups of operators.   The user and group menu options can be setup and maintained by each user and group member so they have easy access to commonly used programs, or the menus can be setup and secured by the system administrator (so the operator may not modify the available programs). 

      System Menu Options.  Some menu options, such as the Window Menu and the Help Menu are available from all modules or applications, and they are not specific to a module, system, user or group.  These options are not normally restricted.

Pull Down Menu Access

Your ability to access most Pull Down Menu options can be restricted by your system administrator.   The system will normally gray out menu options that are not available to you automatically. 

Menu Options can be unavailable because the menu is unavailable (the menu system is disabled for your user id), or because you do not have access rights to a specific program (the program is disabled for your user id). 

Main or Functional Menu Access

The Main Menu options can be disabled for specific operators or groups of operators.  This approach is usefull when users or groups of users should be restricted to a small number of defined programs.  Some operators can be allowed to access the main menu, and some can be restricted to only the options that have been added to their MyCove and MyGroup menus.

When Main or Functional Menu Access is disabled, all of the options showing under the Start Menu, except for the Exit option, will be grayed out and unavailable.

Menu Item Access

Your ability to select a Menu option can also be restricted by Program or Panel Access Security.  The System Administrator can restrict a program to one or more specific operators, or groups and if  they do so, any operator without a program or group access record, will be blocked from selecting the program (even if it is showing as available on the menu).  When the operator attempts to access a program that is blocked by Program or Panel Access security, the system will display a “You are not allowed to access the panel” message 


Pull Down Menu Options

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