Panel Security

Panel Security is very similar to the Program Security option, and it can be used to restrict access to certain objects (such as a button or a specific panel or tab) in a specific program.  Panel security is useful when a single option in a program needs to be blocked and the other options in the program need to be available for the same user.

For example, if you wanted to allow certain operators to be able to edit existing orders, but not create new orders, you could restrict the access to the new order buttons in Order Entry and Customer Management, and not restrict access to the edit order buttons in the sales order lookups

Panel Security is implemented by the Sysop by accessing the program and the specific button to be secured (selecting but not pressing the button), and by using the Alt + F12 to access the Sysop Panel Functions Program from the program to be restricted

Once the Sysop Panel Functions program is displayed, the Set Operator Access for Current Panel Button can be used to specify the users or groups that are allowed to access the panel or button.  The Add User Button allows you to add a specific operator, the Add Group Button allows you to add a specific Group and the Secure by Operator Level allows you to specify the minimum operator option level required to use the object.

Adding security for a Button object

To add or edit the security settings for a specific object, such as a button, you need to select (or set the focus to) the button.  The following method can be used to move the focus to a button object so that you can adjust the security settings for the button..  

      Access the program that contains the object to be secured.

      Move your  mouse to the button and  press left mouse button which highlights the button.

      Move the mouse off of the button and let go of the left mouse button.  The button should  now have the focus.

      Press the Alt-F12 keys to display the Sysop Panel Functions panel.

      Confirm that the correct object (button, program or other object is displayed in the Cove ID window in the Sysop Panel Functions panel.

      Use the Set Operator access to current panel button to adjust the security settings for the object.


Program Option Security