Picklist Processing - Order Completion

Once a picklist has been produced and the items for the order have been pulled from the warehouse, the picker delivers the completed picklist to the Invoicing Operator. The Invoicing Operator then uses the Order Invoicing program to process the picklist and to create the appropriate invoice documents.  The Order Completion program allows the operator to scan in the barcode from the picklist (or manually input the order and ticket number).  Once the Order and Ticket number have been input, the Order Completion program automatically displays the items and quantities to be processed for the order based on the pick records generated when the picklist was created.

Once the picklist has been loaded into the Order Completion program and the order lines and quantities are displayed, the invoicing operator can decrease the quantity being shipped on any of the displayed lines as required.  Again, if the Invoicing Operator reduces the ship quantity for any of the lines on the picklist due to an item not being available in the bin location indicated on the picklist, the system will reduce the quantity that the invoice is created for, but the inventory item and bin will still need to be corrected after the invoice is completed.  If you do not correct the inventory and bin discrepancy, the system will continue to suggest that you pull the order line from the same bin the next time a pick is generated for the order.

Once the items and the quantities pulled from each bin have been verified or changed as required,  the operator can optionally add one or more non-stocking items (discussed in the Product Management Documentation) to the invoice.  Nonstock items allow the operator to add charges for items like service, or expedited shipping to the order during the invoicing process.

After any changes to the line item information on the order have been made, the operator inputs any required serial number information for the items being shipped, and the system calls the appropriate automated manifesting program for the shipping method being used (or the operator manually inputs the shipping charges and costs, and other information associated with the shipment.

As the operator saves the new invoice, the system creates the invoice document and it posts it to the general ledger, it updates the inventory and bin quantities based on the invoice, and it creates inventory activity records and warehouse activity records to record the activity in each bin and item.  The Pick records associated with the order are then closed, and the order printed flags are reset so that the order is available for editing again (if it has not been completely closed due to the invoice).


Picklist Processing - Resetting a Picklist