Picklist Processing - Resetting a Picklist

The StreamV Order Fulfillment System allows you to either complete (by invoicing) or to reset a printed picklist document.  Picklist documents are generally reset for one of the following reasons.

      To correct an inventory or bin error.  If a picklist is produced, and the items listed on the picklist cannot be found in the indicated bin, the picklist reset option allows the operator to un-commit or de-allocate the quantity in each bin that is listed on the document, so that the bin quantity can be adjusted to the correct value.

      To allow edits to the sales order prior to shipment.   The system will not allow an order to be edited if there is a printed picklist for the order.  If an order needs to be modified, and it is currently printed, the Reset Picklist program can be used to void or cancel the picklist and allow the order to be modified.  The Reset Picklist program allows you to place an order on hold when it is reset, so that the order is not automatically or manually re-printed in the warehouse before the appropriate changes can be made.

      To allow the system to allocate additional inventory to the order.  The system will not allocate inventory to a printed sales order (this prevents changes between the time that a picklist is produced and the time that the picklist is completed or invoiced).  If an order is printed but there are additional items that can be allocated to the order, resetting the picklist will allow the user to manually allocate the additional items to the order, or the system to automatically allocate the additional items to the order during normal night time processing.


Picklist Processing - End of Day Procedures