Picklist Processing Overview

A Picklist is a document that is generated by the system, and used to complete or invoice customer sales orders, loaner orders, and certain types of other sales order documents such as Inter Facility Transfers (IFT processing is discussed in the documentation for the Purchasing System).

A Picklist is used to identify the items and quantities that need to be “picked” from one or more bin locations in a specific warehouse location in order to complete a specific sales order.  The Items that are listed on each picklist are based on the amount of inventory that is allocated to the order lines being processed, and on the bin quantities for each item in the selected warehouse location.  As each picklist is generated by the system, it is given a unique “ticket number” and this ticket number and the sales order number are used to identify the specific items and quantities that need to be invoiced when the order is loaded into the Order Completion program. 

As each picklist is generated, pick records are also created in the Pick file and the quantities listed for each bin and item are committed from the available bin quantity (i.e. the bin quantity is allocated to the document).  Note: The system allocates inventory quantities to sales order lines prior to picklist generation.  The bin quantities for a specific item are allocated to specific sales order lines only when a picklist is produced for the sales order line.

The StreamV System automatically displays only the sales orders that can be shipped out of the system in the Picklist Management program, based on the status of each order line and the selections being used in the program.  One or more picklists can be produced by the program at one time.  This allows the system to support small and larger operations where one or more person may be processing picklists and/or generating invoices at the same time.


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