Picklist Processing - Picking Inventory

Once a picklist is generated for a sales order or shipper, the printed picklist is used to physically pull the items that are listed on the picklist from the appropriate bins.

The Picklist Document outputs both header and line item information for the sales order being processed.  The Header Information includes the Order Number, the unique Ticket Number assigned to the document, the Order Type, the Customer and Shipto Company associated with the order, the Payment Terms and Shipping Method and Terms associated with the order and other information.

The Picklist form also outputs one line for each bin/item combination on the order. Each line identifies the bin and quantity from which each item should be pulled.  If the items for single sales order line need to be pulled from more than one bin, the form will output a line listing the quantity that should be pulled from each bin.  Each line item also contains a space in which the operator can note the actual quantity picked from each bin, and some additional spaces where any serial numbers associated with the line can be written down.  Other information that is output for each line includes the item description, the weight of the item as recorded in the catalog file, the each and extended price for the item, and any sales order line or picklist comments associated with the order line.

Picklist Comments are special text records or comments that can be created for each inventory item.  A Picklist comment is used to note any special packaging or shipping instructions that are unique to the item and they are output on the picklist any time the item is included on a picklist.  Picklist Comments are created from the Inventory Management program and are also described in the Comments Document in the System Reference section of the documentation.

Once the Printed Picklist has been issued to your warehouse personnel, they should pull the goods listed on the picklist from the indicated bin locations.  It any of the items on the picklist cannot be pulled from the indicated bin location, the operator may pull a smaller quantity from the bin and then record the actual quantity pulled on the picklist document.  Alternatively, the operator can also reset the picklist, resolve the bin or inventory discrepancy for the item and or bin, and then re-print the document. 

Note: The operator should NOT pull any items from any bins not listed on the picklist as these goods may be allocated to another picklist or pull ticket.  Also, if there is a bin discrepancy or a difference between the on hand quantity of an item and the bin quantities for the item, this problem must be corrected either prior to or after invoicing the order.  If you do not fix the bin/inventory discrepancy, the system will continue to think that the order line is allocated to and that there is sufficient inventory in the bin to fill the order.

Once the goods for the picklist have been pulled from the appropriate bins, and the operator has recorded any additional information required for the order (such as the serial numbers associated with each order line and the total boxes being used for the shipment and their weights, the picklist and the items to be shipped are delivered to the (optional) verification station or to the Invoicing Operator.


Picklist Processing - Kit Items