Picklist Processing - Picklist Printing

The Picklist Management program displays the sales order line items that are available for shipment based on the selections that have been made in the program.

When a picklist is generated in the program, the following actions take place.

1.  The system assigns a ticket number to the picklist that is used to uniquely identify the picklist.  The system then prints the items that are available to be shipped for the selected order, based on the schedule date in the order lines, the inventory quantity allocated to each order line, and the partial flag in the order header. 

2.  For each sales order line, the system lists the item number and quantity to be pulled from stock and the bin (or bins) that the item should be pulled from. If a single order line should be pulled from multiple different bin locations, each of the bin locations is output on a separate line.  As each bin is selected by the Picklist Management program, the system creates a record in the Pick file for each sales order line and bin location.  This Pick record stores the order number, order line, item number, bin and quantity to be pulled from the bin.  As each pick record is created, the system also commits or allocates the appropriate bin quantity to the picklist.  This bin committed quantity is only relieved when the order is invoiced, or when the pick ticket is reset prior to invoicing.

3.  The order is flagged as printed and the ticket number used for the picklist is saved to any sales order lines that were output on the Picklist.  The system will not allow the order to be edited and it will not allocate any additional inventory quantities to the order while the order is printed.

Please Note:  As mentioned earlier, the system will not allow you to edit an order and it will not allocate additional inventory to an order line that is printed.  You must reset the picklist for an order (or invoice it) if you wish to modify the order or you wish to allocate additional inventory to the order lines included on the picklist.


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