Picklist Processing - Picklist Selection Logic

The system will allow you to print a picklist for an order ONLY when the following conditions are true.

      The Order is not on hold.  Orders on hold are not displayed in the Picklist Management program and a picklist cannot be produced for them until all holds on the order have been cleared.

      The order is not printed.  Only one picklist can be processed for each order at one time.  This prevents confusion by ensuring that the Order Completion program displays the same items and quantities that were printed on the picklist for the order.  If you need to allocate additional inventory to an order, or make a change to the order itself, the picklist for the order must be re-set first.  Once the picklist for an order has been reset or invoiced, the order is available for editing again (if it is not completely closed by the invoicing process).

      The Order has inventory allocated to it.  The Picklist Management program will only display and allow you to process order lines that have a status of O (open) and that have an allocated quantity.  These are order lines that are scheduled for shipment in the current scheduling window for each item (please see the Order Processing and Warehouse Management documentation for more information about the scheduling window used by the system).

      The schedule date for the order lines is within the picklist window defined on the system.  A system parameter allows you to determine the number of days ahead of time that you can process a picklist.  This parameter allows you to produce picks for orders that have schedule dates greater than the current date, or to limit the orders that you print picks for to only those scheduled for the current date (and prior dates).  This option allows you to pick orders ahead of time so that the orders are ready to be shipped out on or before their scheduled shipment date.

      The Order Type and Shipping Method for the order match the selections that are being used in the Picklist Management program.  The Picklist Management program allows you to select the orders to be processed based on the warehouse location they are being shipped from, the order type (S or L), and the shipping method to be used on the order (to allow prioritizing one type of shipment i.e. UPS before FEDEX to handle various carriers based on their scheduled pickup times ).

      The order is ready to ship based on the Partial flag in the order line and the allocated quantities in the order.  If the order being processed is set to N Partial in the order header, the system will only display the lines for the order when all of the lines on the order are fully allocated (vendor ship lines are excluded from this test since they are not shipped from your warehouse locations).


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