View Demand for Item

When a Requisition Line is selected in the Requisition Management program and the View Demand for Item option is selected, the system activates the Item Demand program and it loads the program with the current order lines and sales and consumption history for the item from the Requisition Line.

The Item Demand program displays the open and backordered sales orders and the open shop order lines for the item, and the monthly and weekly sales and consumption history for the item.

The Item Demand program also allows you to

      Access the Sales Order Header and Line Item Detail Panels which allow you to display the information for the sales order lines shown in the program (and the associated sales order headers).

      Access Field Help information.  The Column Help options (available on the Context Menu) and the Help Button (located on the Cove Standard Toolbar) allow you to display the database field definitions for the fields shown in the program.

The Item Demand program is part of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and it is completely described in the documentation for the WMS System.  You may obtain more information about the program by activating it and using the Help key to display the main help documentation for the program.


View Warehouse List for Item