Zoom Vendor Contact Detail

When a valid vendor contact is selected in the Vendor Contact Lookup program and the Zoom option is selected, the system activates the Vendor Contact Detail program and it loads the program with the information for the selected vendor contact.

The Vendor Contact Detail Program is used to create and to maintain Vendor Contact Information.  Vendor Contacts are used to track the individuals that you do business with at each Vendor Company.  The StreamV system allows you to create multiple Vendor Contact records for each Vendor Company.  The Vendor Contact Detail Panel allows you to perform the following Vendor Contact related tasks.

      Create a new Vendor Contact record for an existing Vendor.

      Edit existing Vendor Contact Records

      Create, view and edit the other information that is associated with each Vendor Contact record.   This informaton includes Comments, Images, and the document and data change history that is associated with each Vendor Contact record.

      Access File and Field Level Help - The Field Help Option in Vendor Contact Detail program  (which can be accessed using the Context or Right Mouse Menu)  allows you to access the Data Dictionary Field Help program which can be used to display the File and Field definitions for each of the fields displayed in the program.

      View the Data Change History for the selected vendor contact.  The Data Change History option (which can be accessed using the More and the Context Menu) allows you to display the data change or edit history for the selected vendor contact.  


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