Help Menu

The Help Menu Option in the Menu Bar of the Main Workspace contains the following options.  The Help menu options are static and do not change based on the module or other submenu that you are working in.  The options can be used regardless of the specific module you are working with, they are available systemwide, and they are not restricted.

      Help System and Documentation (F1)   The Help option, which can also be selected using the F1 Key, brings up the Windows Help Files for the StreamV Application (this document).  If the Help file is called up from the Main Workspace, it will display the StreamV Introduction.  If the help option is selected when a specific program is being used, the help file will normally display the section of the help system that is relevant to the selected program automatically.  You may navigate through the entire help system regardless of where the help system is called from, and regardless of which section of the help system is displayed automatically.  You may navigate through the help file using the tree structure that is displayed in the contents section of the help object or you may use the index or the search tabs and options to locate particular topics.

      Search Cove Knowledgebase This option loads your Internet Browser with the Cove Systems Website and then displays the Search Cove Web page that is maintained on our website.  This search object allows you to type in a search string.  The search string is used to search through all documents on the Cove Systems site and to return the top search results in the same manner as other internet search engines.  Once the relevant results are displayed, you may view and or download the appropriate document from our website.

      Online Documentation This option displays selected reference and technical documents on various subjects, and application notes (overview documents about various system features) which are available on the Cove website.  Most of these documents are in HTML or ASP format.  This option also allows you direct access to all application notes regardless of the file format (this includes docs written in Word, as well as HTML and ASP web pages).

      Create Support Incident The Create Support Incident is used to report a problem with the application to Cove Systems via email.  This option is normally used to report minor issues (ie desired bug fixes or enhancements) vs major problems that require immediate response (which we are very good at providing).  When this option is selected, the system loads the Cove Systems website in your Internet Browser, and it displays a page with contact information (Cove Systems Address and Telephone numbers), and links that allow you to directly send an email to or (our standard sales and support email addresses).

      Email Cove Support This Email Cove Support option allows you to send an email to the Cove Systems support address from your own system.  When this option is selected, the System creates a new Email and it loads the Cove support address into the To section of the email so that you can notify us of a problem, question or enhancement request.

      Reset My Preferences The Reset My Preferences option allows you to clear any operator or workstation specific options (column sizing, program positions, default checkbox settings).  When the option is selected, the system clears the windows registry settings for the StreamV Application.

      Refresh User Control Policies The Refresh User Control Policies option allows you to refresh system policy settings (reload the current system parameter settings from file 248).  The option is normally used after a policy has been changed, so that the change takes effect without the operator having to log out and back into the system again.

      About  - The About Option is used to display information about your StreamV Application.  This information can be used to determine the current revision of the application, the data files that are being used by the application and other information.  When the About option is selected from the Help Menu, the system displays the About Object.  This Object displays the Cove Systems Logo and the StreamV Version or Revision in the top section, and three buttons in the lower section.  The three buttons include

      Contact Button Displays Contact information for Cove Systems, Inc. including our street and email addresses, and our telephone and fax numbers.

      System Info Button The System Info option displays detailed information that can be used when researching questions or problems with the application.  This information includes but is not limited to:

Program information  - such as the program and program revision in use and the the physical location it was loaded from. 

User Information the physical station id being used, the operator initials, division, department, period, year and system date being used for the operator.

System Information the database and runtime revisions being used by the application.

Files Information The physical path and filenames and status of each of the database files being accessed by the application.

General Information Workspace Name, Paths being used for help, program, data files, filelist, memory statistics, and other information including some system configuration options like the system date format, character used for the thousands separator, etc.